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Key Ring Bundle!

Posted Thu at 12:58
For a limited time only starting today, players will be able to purchase the Key Ring Bundle! This special pack includes 20x Master Keys (used to open any Lock Box) for the price of 2250 Zen. As an additional special promotional offer w...
General: Resolved an issue that occasionally caused a crash in the chat system. Slight animation updates on the following: Magnetic boots Movement in low gravity Pounce Trait Sitting in Risa sunbathing chairs Hyperspanner...

Fleet Station K-13 Holding

Posted Wed at 13:00
When some Federation Captains find a dilapidated old spaceship floating out in the void of space, they scrap it and think nothing more of it. But a more insightful Captain might see that old broken down wreck as more of an opportunity to...

Fleet Station K-13 Returns!

Posted Wed at 13:00
“Commander, are you sure about this?” Chief Engineer Nichols hated butting heads with Acting Station Commander O’Ryan, given their unconventional situation. “The Klingons too? We won’t have enough pods for everyone if we let them in.” O...

Star Trek Online Timeline

Posted Sep 16, 16
Download the High-Resolution Version here! .right-body { display:none; } .left-body { margin-right: 0px; } .new-infos.highlight-block { background-color: #000000; } .new-infos.highlight-block { padding: 0px; } .title { di...

Junior Officer Weekend

Posted Sep 15, 16
Starting on Thursday, we are running a special weekend event where you can earn Bonus Commendation XP by completing any Duty Officer assignments! This event will run until September 19th, 2016 at 10AM PT. To those junior officers who wo...
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