Starfleet M.A.C.O. / KDF Honor Guard
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Fleet Rules

All fleet members are required to know these rules. You only need to read them once, it will help you in the long run.
If you do not follow a rule, not knowing the rule is not an excuse.
Note: The forum post located here will be updated more frequently than this page, please make sure to check it out once you are registered to this website.
Rule Numero Uno: No Drama Allowed.

A. General Rules (A.K.A. Common Sense)

i. Act mature (this includes):
1. Be respectful of others.
2. No threatening other members.
3. Don’t make discriminatory remarks.  
ii. Officers have the final word. Chain of Command always applies.
iii. Voice Chat is not allowed. We are a text-based fleet.
iv. We are not a roleplaying fleet.
              v. Requesting a promotion is prohibited. Please refer to this page to get an idea of what we look for.

B. Communications Channel

Because of the fact that we are a cross-faction fleet, we do not utilize the standard fleet chat channels. All members are expected to join Communications, the fleet cross-faction channel, in order to be officially part of the fleet. Being in Communications allows for all areas of the fleet (Starfleet M.A.C.O., KDF Honor Guard, Auxiliary Fleets, R&D and Allied/Armada Fleets) to communicate effectively between each other.
Note: This fleet and is part of the MMO "Star Trek Online" developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment, any comments you may have about these two companies are welcome in our chat. However, any topic concerning these entities that is disrespectful is explicitly prohibited, including name calling (for example "Craptic") or real-life threats directed towards any employees, executives or developers of these companies. We have Zero Tolerance for this in our channels and if warnings are ignored it will result in an immediate 1 week(s) ban for each occurrence.

          General Channel Guidelines:              
I. Arguing or starting a flame war is not tolerated.
Discussion of religious, political or racial topics in the channel is not allowed.
Profanity is allowed, however profanity directed towards a person(s) in a derogatory manner is prohibited.
Sexually based topics are prohibited.
Advertising for other fleets is prohibited. You’re in the fleet for a reason.
Talk pertaining to hacking of any person(s), organization or company is prohibited.

Spoilers for future storyline content, whether provided through the public test server (tribble) or third-party data-mining websites, are prohibited.
Do not post direct links to sites which have data-mined Star Trek Online or any other game.
Spoilers for new featured episodes are banned for 1 week(s) after their release.
Failure to follow these rules will result in your being muted or banned from the channel.

C. Starbase/Fleet Holdings Policy

To purchase anything from the Starfleet M.A.C.O. or KDF Honor Guard Fleet Holdings, you must:

I. Be at least Lieutenant (Rank 2) in the fleet.

II. Have received 100,000 Fleet Credits on any one character located in the fleet you intend to buy from. (For example: If you intend to buy something out of the Starfleet M.A.C.O. store, you must have earned 100,000 Fleet Credits on only one of your characters that are located in Starfleet M.A.C.O. even if you are buying on another character.)

III. Go through the proper channels. To open the fleet roster hit Ctrl+G in-game, any officer ranked Vice Admiral(Starfleet M.A.C.O.) or Lieutenant General(KDF Honor Guard) and above can unlock access to the fleet stores, if you see someone that rank online you can ask them to unlock it for you.

IV. Do not request for projects to be slotted. Projects will be slotted at planned and strategic times to allow for all fleet members to get an equal change to donate.

V. If you do not donate, do not expect to be allowed unlimited access to the stores. The entire idea of fleet holdings is so people in a fleet can come together to contribute to it, progress it and get rewarded for their hardwork. If you do not contribute to the progression of the holding then you should not expect to be allowed to purchase items from it. However, feel free to talk to an officer if your circumstances do not allow you to donate as much as you'd like.
VI. Leaving the fleet to acquire fleet equipment from another fleet is explicitly prohibited. If you leave the fleet for any reason without explaining first the reason and also without getting approval you will not be allowed to rejoin.

D. Fleet STF/PVE/PVP Runs

i. In Fleet Organized Events Listen to your Team Leader. They are leading for a reason.
1. If you do not know who is leading, ask. Leaders keep the team organized!
2. You may be removed from the team for purposely not listening.

ii. Know what to do for the particular Event you are running.
1. If you don’t know what to do, ask the Team Leader.
2. Have the proper equipment/skills, if you do not know the proper gear ask.

iii. When orders are being given in the beginning of each STF/PVE/PVP Match , whether it’s in the Private Fleet Action menu chat or in Team chat, no one should be talking except the group leader.

iv. When Running an Event and it is an All Fleet Team, The Person who started the match has the responsibility of establishing the loot terms for the match, rather it be need or greed. If the team leader does not establish loot terms you should greed or pass on all loot.

E. Fleet Bank

i. All items withdrawn from the bank must be used by fleet characters only (This includes bridge officers)

ii. If you withdraw an item from the bank, try to always replace that item with another of equivalent value or better.

iii. Place items in their corresponding tabs. They are labelled for organizational purposes, not for cosmetic purposes.

iv. All items deposited must be Mk XII through XIV

v. Items Must be Rare, Very Rare or Better when depositing.