Starfleet M.A.C.O. / KDF Honor Guard

last updated: February 4th, 2017 by Lyssa(ADMIN)

A. Membership Qualifications

    i. Your Main character must be level 40 or higher.

    ii. Must be knowledgeable of the game.
    iii. Read and accept the fleet rules located here.

    iv. Willingness to help the fleet out by either/or:
    1. Running Fleet Activities, participating in fleet events or helping to teach PvE content to other fleet members.
    2. Help with fleet holdings progression.
    3. Donate items to the Fleet Bank.

    B. Membership

      i. Inactivity*:
      1. If you are inactive for 3 months, you may be demoted.
      2. If you are inactive for 6 months, you may be removed from the fleet.

      ii. All members are strongly encouraged to have an account on the website. Announcements and important information are located there.

      iii. Promotions:
      1. Be active and contribute to the fleet. Being active means talk in Communications and post in the forums. Contributing includes helping others and donating to projects.

      Promotion Information

      2. For an Officer position: Along with fulfilling the requirements above, it is highly discouraged to be in any other fleet on any alternate characters. You are also not allowed to be an officer in another fleet. If these requirements are met, then an interview will be set up by the fleet leader or a flag officer.

      iv. If you leave the fleet for any reason without first consulting an officer, you may not be allowed to come back. This is a final decision and should not be taken lightly.

      * Exceptions can be made as long as the situation is explained to a Fleet Commander (@entnx00, @Talaxia, @StarfleetCommander) or a Flag Officer (Vice Admiral/Lieutenant General or higher).